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Creativity Type Test

Welcome 👋

With this test, you will discover your Innate Creative Capabilities (ICC).

It is very important that you read 🧐 the following points before starting the test in order to do so correctly:

  • The test consists of 47 questions and the average time to answer the questionnaire is about 5 minutes. Please answer the questions without rushing but by paying attention to each one.
  • Be as honest as you can in your responses.
  • Answer what you truly feel, not what you think would be best for you depending on your current circumstances.
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    For example, if the question is: "Are you interested in creative pursuits?" you should answer YES or NO depending upon whether you are interested in this or not. What would not be useful is answering “NO” just because you cannot devote yourself to that right now, even though you would like to.
  • The questions are not nuanced, and the answers should be as accurate as possible. To repeat: answer whatever you feel is right; no one is judging you.
  • After finishing the test, you will receive an email where you will discover your creative type. If you don't see the email, don't forget to check your spam folder!

Go ahead, start your adventure! 💚🙏

IMPORTANT NOTE: This test has been verified according to the psychometrics of the data obtained from the test itself. Your data is for scientific use only and to access the newsletter, from which you can unsubscribe at any time. You can find more information about the research on the creativity type and the psychometric test on the official blog: https://www.tonyestruch.com/geniotipo